Topic: Tuberculosis But STILL Loves Cigarettes!

Howdy Everybody!

Firstly thanks to Omlps who's posted a link to a promo video I've released of a heavy smoker I worked with recently.  We managed to capture some really awesome material between us, and during one shoot she revealed that she contracted tuberculosis and was coughing blood.  Diana was admitted to a lung hospital here in London where she was subjected to the consequences of heavy smoking - lung cancer patients, some terminal!  Has that experience dampened her love of cigarettes?  Not a bit! 

Anyway I've just released a 20 minute compilation video of Diana which features some dialogue on her views of smoking.  If you're interested, the promo clip is on Youtube (I can only submit a single link in one post) which can be found by searching for the title: Tuberculosis But LOVES Cigarettes! Diana Compilation 21 Minute Scene.

and my ClipStore can be located here:

should anybody want to purchase the scene of Diana.