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Smokelovermaine, the Smkvid group admin, refuse to publish my posts. The group has 370 members, and only 4 or 5 people contribute stuff, it is a fucking disgrace.  I have much smoking material for sharing yet, but I refuse to contribute anything more until I see others doing it. I´m getting tired of so many parasites.

Smokelovermaine, wake up, and take measures.

I have spoken.


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I agree with Galletti 2233. I am not going to contribute any more, either. As Galletti2233 said I do not think members of smkvid group have not got any stuff to share.

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Yes, because it's not like people actually join stuff like this because they can't find it anywhere else. Oh wait, that's exactly why. Maybe there'd be a more even contributor/viewer ratio if it wasn't mandatory to even register to see anything (which ain't gonna happen due to obvious reasons), and people are just magically gonna pull this stuff out of their ass and KNOW the group doesn't already have it?

Oh, and it's not really "sharing" if you're demanding stuff in return and calling the people you "share" with parasites.

Youth smoking content is hardly abundant.

So try thinking before speaking and egotistically announcing it.


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Hi galleti2233

I have only posted a couple of things there --- purely because I know that all the stuff I have managed to re-collect since losing my collection a few months ago was from links on the old darkside board and the short lived site, which I think was set up by Matt who owns this and the defunct darkside board..

I am more than happy to share stuff with people, but it's pointless sharing stuff people already have.

I did send a message to you on smkvid groups asking what techniques you are using to find some of the great stuff you have shared,

because I regularly look for stuff every week, and these days it seems like it is very hard to find, and YT and other sites seem to remove y-smoke stuff very quickly,

I google search, and look on sites like YT and dailymotion.

If you tell me where else or how to look I will gladly seek it, download it, and share it with others.

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It´s obvious that Smkvid yahoo group has no future.

Galleti2233, I have much underage smoking material. Almost every day I find new pics and videos on the net, and I have taken some videos with my digital camera, too. I would like to trade my collection with you.

I have sent you a mail.

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Hey, Guys.
Long time lurker, first time poster.

With regard to the subject at hand, the UA content you seek CAN be found, if you're trusted by those posting. Some time ago, I was allowed access to a private hub. LOTS of TLS and MAP stuff. The hub disappeared, or surfaced somewhere else on a different IP:port. I haven't been able to find it since.

If a guy were to have laid his grubbies on said media, how might he share it with you?